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"To feed his soul he retreats to music, especially to veena strumming. The liaison is so intense that he looks at the veena as not what it is, but what it can be. His imagination propelled him to design a unique veena. "

- The Hindu , Date: 22/01/2005

Shri Suvir Misra is one of the few distinguished left hand artist who has mastered the three traditional Veenas of Hindustani and Karnatic music- the Rudra Veena, the Saraswati Veena and the Surbahar .

Suvir performs on the three Veenas in the 'Gayaki Ang' (Vocal Style) in which all the fluidity and subtle nuances of the human voice are integrated with the traditional Beenkari.

Suvir received his initial training in Tabla, Sitar and Khayal forms of Indian Classical Music from various stalwarts since his childhood. He later received instructions in Sitar from Shri N.R.Rama Rao, a disciple of Pt. Ravi Shankar, and in Gwalior Khayal Gayaki from Shri K.N.Ienger, a disciple of Shri H.G.Moghe of Bombay . He also learnt Tabla from late Ustad Bandu Khan Sahib of Ajarada Gharana. Shri Suvir Misra is a disciple of the Dhrupad Legend Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar and his disciple Pt. Nirmalya Dey . He works as an Additional Commissioner in the Indian Revenue Service and has performed on various platforms within the country in his amateur capacity. 

Contemporary themes: Since his formative age Shri Suvir has considered the ‘rapport’ between the audience and the performer through the musical rendering of the poetic texts as the key determinant of the popularity of a musical composition. Consequently, he experimented with the contemporary themes in order to popularize the classical musical forms of Khayal and Dhrupad. His experimentations grew out of dissatisfaction with the older themes, icons and imageries which have lesser relevance to the modern Indian living. Suvir has utilized the contemporary themes in Hindi Kavita in place of traditional Brij Bhasa or Awadhi language and has employed the Mukta Chanda experimentation in contemporary Hindi Sahitya. He has also introduced Mukta Chanda Kavita within the Pada singing style of Dhrupad.

Other Projects: Suvir has been making efforts to revive the different types of extinct Veenas like Jantari Veena and Kinnari Veena .

Shri Suvir is also one of the rare musicians from the North to also take up the challenge of incorporating the Karnatic Saraswati Veena within the Hindustani Classical mainstream concert platform.

Like his inspirational legendary Vainika Padma Bhushan Shri S. Balchandar from the Karnatic tradition who developed his`own Sarasvati Vina playing technique, Shri Suvir has developed a unique fingering method by incorporating and adapting the Rudra Veena fingering techniques which enables him in playing fast taans of the Khayal using Gamakas and Meends.

Due to the painstaking efforts of Shri Suvir Misra, Saraswati Veena which is mainly popular in the Carnatic Tradition is now making a come back in the mainstream Hindustani Classical Music concert scene.

"How else would one attain a sangam of accomplished vocalist, proficient veena exponent, tabla player and able administrator? Put that together in one man, and you have Suvir Misra of the Indian Revenue Service, currently Joint Commissioner, Customs and Central Excise, New Delhi."

- The Hindu, Date:16/06/2006




Shri Suvir has done extensive research on Veena construction and acoustics.

He is well versed in the art of making Rudra Veena and has made several Rudra Veenas with his own hands.



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